Proverbs 13:23
"Much food is in the tillage of the poor: but there is that is destroyed for want of judgment” Proverbs 13:23 (ver. 25; 10:3; 12:11).

     Solomon brings to mind what he and will say concerning the causes of poverty in his people.  One of the points that makes in Proverbs is that those causes are, at the very most basic, complex:

·        It can be caused by injustice and oppression (cf. 22:16; 28:3, 15); 
·        By sloth (6:9–11; 28:19); 
·        By God’s punishment on wickedness (10:2–3; 13:25); or 
·        By his mysterious providence (e.g., 22:2).

    The picture here presented to us is of a poor man cultivating a small piece of “fresh land,” which calls for severe labor, as an emigrant who has to make a clearance in the bush.

Prov. 13:23 - Destroyed for Want of Judgment
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