Genesis 49:24 
“His bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob.

     As always we need to give some consideration to the context, the part of the passage that leads into the verse we are considering.  Chapter 49:3-27 are basically a prophecy that covers in a remarkable manner the entire sweep of Israelite history – past, present, and future. It is, of course, Jacob, making comment on the futures of his sons.  But in a larger sense the prophecy reflects the future roles of each of the tribes and may portray the entire scope of God’s working with Israel from the conquest of Canaan to the restoration in Christ’s millennial Kingdom.  How marvelous it is that God, in spite of the disobedience, rebellion and willfulness that was coming in the nation, still has a grand and glorious purpose for them that will end up with coming of the Messiah and, ultimately, the establishment of His Millennial Kingdom.
     It is significant to remember that these are not comments on the sons of Jacob and their families alone.  They are comments on the sons and their entire, coming families.  It truly ends up as a commentary on the coming nation of Israel.  Now, it is true that God will give a good deal of strength and enablement on the nations and many of the individuals that are a part of those nations to enable Israel to become what God desired them to be and serve the purposes that God had in mind for them along the way.

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