Righteousness Exalts A Nation!
       “Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to ~any People.”                                           (Proverbs 14:34).
          This is another of the very special and very well know and used of the verses in Proverbs.  We can’t help but be both reminded of Solomon’s intention in writing it as well as the Lord’s intention in having him do so.  It is, very obviously a two-part statement that is given to cause the reader/listener to think through BOTH sides of this content equation.  It is quite obvious that Solomon’s intention is to tells us that BOTH sides of what he is saying be heeded and followed by his people.  
         “Righteousness” is a common word in the OT and is used, actually, in two forms.  The form we see here speaks of quite a number of ideas, such as: justice; honesty; justness; proper moral actions, community loyalty; entitlement, just cause; and, as it has an active idea in it, to speak of just deeds.  The shorter form of the word is used to speak of more abstract ideas.  It is used virtually the same amount of times and can be seen to refer to accuracy, to what is correct; the right thing, what is honest; equity, what is right; communal loyalty; salvation, or to well-being.

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