7  And saw among the simple,
I perceived among the youths,
A young man devoid of understanding, - (Proverbs  7:7).
          We’ve looked at Proverbs 7 a time or two before and have seen that basically the entire section speaks of Wisdom’s instruction concerning “Restraint against the loose woman”. Also, once again we see a continuation of “Wisdom is personified”, 4 (cf. 1:20–33).and shown as speaking from the point of view of a human being.  In particular here, beginning with the prior verse (v6) we see Solomon speaking in terms of a “crafty harlot” seeking to take advantage of the young man in question.  
         Solomon gives us a good description to guide our thoughts in a “
Description of the pictured seduction” (7:6–23).  He is particularly definite in talking about “the victim in.  (7:6–9)”.  
         In those few verses the narrative unfolds with the observation of an unwary youth strolling along the streets at night. He is described as one of the “simple” (
peṯāʾyim, v. 7; cf. 1:4) ones, meaning “a youth who lacked judgment” (naʿar ḥasar-lēḇ; lit., “a youth lacking of heart,” or one void of common sense or understanding). He is young, inexperienced, featherbrained (as Kidner puts it, Proverbs, p. 75). His evening stroll takes him intentionally (as ṣāʿad, “to step, march,” suggests; NIV, “walking along”) down the street to her house (v. 8). And then, if all this activity of the naive young man takes place under the cover of night, only trouble can follow (v. 9).
         We can look further to enlarge our understanding of what is going on here…

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