“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”   (Proverbs 20:1.)
          This three-chapter section in Proverbs, 19-22, speaking of various proverbs that give instruction and regulation regarding various aspects of personal conduct.  It is interesting that Solomon here speaks in contrast to the features of a good life described in 19:16–23 (spoken of in another writing); and that it is the description in these prior verses that are at odds with the scoffer or mocker. This person is a complete reprobate and the quintessential fool. Of such a person it can be said: 
         1.      The only hope for correcting his stubborn attitude lies in beatings, which may or may not have the desired effect (19:25); 
         2.      He has no respect for parents (19:26); 
         3.      He will not listen to sound teaching (19:27); 
         4.      He rejects all notions of right and wrong (19:28); and 
         5.      Again, he gets beaten for his behavior (19:29). 
         6.      Finally, here in v1,
wine is called a mocker and strong drink a brawler
         That is, to put things briefly, excessive drinking leads to picking fights as well as to an abandonment of principles of right and wrong. It is implied that drunkenness is common among “scoffers”, or to those who already have a mental/spiritual disposition toward not taking the truth of God anything more than something to be made fun of; and certainly as something to be cast aside as foolishness.  To “mock” in the OT was to make fun of or to belittle a thing or a person.  The point is that the indulgence in wine, and to its’ intoxicating effects, leads to the mocking of the more serious things around us.  

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” - Proverbs 20:1.
          A “mocker” is one who chatters excessively, who speaks boastful concerning his own opinions concerning an issue at hand.  It is almost like they are talking to “hear themselves talk” so to speak.  We note that the verse tells us that “Wine is a mocker”.  it does not merely say that wine makes one a mocker.  The implication here is that wine reduces the normal restraints that one who have in place to keep one from doing what is in view.  It truly goes overcomes those restraints and all but causes one to do that which they normally would not do.  Hence, they use of the word “mocker”.  It is not so much that the feelings and opinions in view are not present in the mind of the person we are thinking of (for our purposes, this is a hypothetical individual).  It can remove, at least to some degree, those normal barriers that act as restrainer to these negative emotions and demonstrations of same.  
           This is not to say that, in believers at least, God’s Holy Spirit neither can or does act as a restrainer to such demonstrations.  It is simply to say that Solomon saw it as a truth that wine and strong drink was not in any way helpful to this restraining, but, instead acts as a release.  It does not “overcome” the acting of the Spirit, but like any other unwise and fleshly indulgence men (not just males) can give themselves to, God warns and helps, but ultimately and as with most such fleshly things, submission is a matter our human will.

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