“The wicked is driven away in his wickedness: but t
                     he righteous hath hope in his death.” - Proverbs 14:32.

          There have been a number of references up through the portion of the Book of Proverbs to the ultimate results or consequences that come to the wicked or the righteous.  It is one of the great contrasts in Solomon’s’ mind as he lays out for us the series of matters that men (not males) face as they walk through life.  His purpose, of course, is to get us to think through the need that we have to see to it that what he calls our path proceeds in a righteous and god-honoring fashion.
          Likewise, it is important that godly people understand that those results/consequences are inevitable and come due to the “path” in which we walk.  Along this thought Solomon wishes us to know the fact that it is “
By his wickedness is the wicked driven forth”.  The term “driven forth” is a term that is not frequently used in Proverbs, let alone in the OT.  It means that they (the wicked) have a very undesirable end from life. That is, he is by the terrible results of his life, is by his death swept away from this earthly life (comp. Ps. 36:12; 62:3).  
          Many interpret this to be teaching that Solomon is referring to both the calamity that is a part of life as well as the anticipation of coming death is being referred to here. If this is so, we can hear Solomon speaking of the shelter (or lack of same) that is a built in part of the lives of the wicked and the godly. 

“The wicked is driven away in his wickedness:
but the righteous hath hope in his death.” - Proverbs 14:32.
          “Driven away” speaks, obviously, flight, compelled flight actually, from whatever it is that is the source of affliction.  We can understand it to be material opposition, financial issues, or any one of a number of other things.  Whatever it seems to be, the conclusion we have to draw is that Solomon is telling us that “the wicked” have no resource upon which to call to give them shelter or protection from whatever it is that is set against them.  They are “driven away” or caused to flee in its’ face.  He wants us to understand that it nothing lacking in a natural ability that is the cause.  Rather, it is his “wickedness” that is the basic and fundamental cause of this being “driven away”.  
          We should note that the second part of the verse suggests that this part of the verse also extend even to the  matter of death. 
But the righteous hath hope (even) in his death. Ho “is confident,” viz. in Jehovah; comp. Ps. 17:7, where the same absolute use of the participle “trusting” occurs (the “trustful” in general, believers). As in chap. 11:7, and if possible even more distinctly than in that passage, we have expressed hero a hope in the continuance of the individual life after death, and a just retribution in the future world. 
          Those who trust and obey the Lord have a sense of security in catastrophe. The contrast is with the wicked who are cast down (
yiddāḥeh; NIV, “brought down”) in the time of calamity; the righteous even in death have a “refuge” (ḥōseh). So the idea is that the righteous hope in a just retribution. A problem often raised is that nowhere in the Book of Proverbs is hope for immortality found. Rather death is seen as a misfortune (see Notes). Nevertheless, this verse may be a shadowy forerunner of that truth.
          Proverbs hints at life after death infrequently. Some scholars think this verse refers to God’s granting courage to face death with dignity and serenity.  The prepositional phrase must be “in his time of trouble” (i.e., when catastrophe comes). Cf. CEV “In times of trouble the wicked are destroyed.” A wicked person has nothing to fall back on in such times.
          We have to conclude that it is the contrast between wickedness and righteousness in life, as a characteristic of ones’ “path” (as Solomon puts it).  It is that characteristic path of life that results in the end that is stated here. 

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