"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” - Proverbs 16:24 (10:32; 15:26).
          The entirety of Chapter 16 speaks or a better way of life through serving the Lord.  It is interesting how different this idea is than the common perception and mindset of our present culture.  Even those who profess Christ sometimes believe that the purpose of God in redemption is to give to us, though they often condition this “giving” on how much we give and believe.  How very silly and downright heretical this idea is.  I believe it to be a stench in the eyes of our Lord and virtually the act of treading on the mind and will of God in the accomplishment of redemption.  Rather, it is our goal, our responsibility, our duty is to seek, to follow after and obey He and His Word.  
           Fortunately, Solomon saw and understood this to be true and incorporated it into his Prophetic message to men here in the Book of Proverbs.  He knew it to that which would fill the hearts and minds of Gods’ people with joy or happiness/fulfillment and what he here calls “honey”.
_“Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” - Proverbs 16:24 (10:32; 15:26).
_          The word “Pleasant” is the Hebrew word “No̅’am” and speaks of that which is lovely, pleasant, delightful, or friendly.  We can readily see what Solomon intends the words in view to have as their character.  We should note that this is not talking about the things we say to others, or that which is said by others to us.  We’ll address this idea in just a moment.
          But we probably should understand it to refer to the speech characteristic of the
wise of heart (Cp. vv. 21a, 23a): the wise consider their words carefully (vv. 20a, 23a) so that their words are both persuasive (vv. 21b, 23b) and good for body and soul (v. 24); they exhibit faithfulness to God (v. 20b) and are considered discerning by others (v. 21a). Such wisdom is a fountain of life, and foolish speech is empty of any such benefits (v. 22).
          It seems more likely, or at least tangential in their likelihood to be referring to the pleasantness and profit of the words that are a part of Biblical preaching, study, reading, witnessing, etc.  It is the taking in of God’s message and instruction that is this great pleasure to the believer.
          These “pleasant word” is like “a honeycomb” to the hearer.  This, of course, speaks of the place where honey is stored; either where it is made by bees, or where it is kept for further us once harvested.  We can see that this is so because the word Solomon uses for “honeycomb” speaks of “honeyed words” and they words,” are they that which reflect intelligence, judiciousness, and discernment in speech. This refers to eloquent discourse from the wise (cf. v. 24).  It is NOT simply speaking of words and please the ear.
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