Throughout the fall of 2016 we looked at the first three “sections” of this series on the “Theology of God” of “What do we know about God” from a Biblical point of view?  So many sad and frustrated people, in our day and age, believe they have knowledge of Who God is and what He is like.  Again, sadly, their conclusions are more rooted in what they already think and what they “want” him to be like.  They end up recreating God more in their own image than they do having any real knowledge of Who, the late Francis Schaeffer, the late theologian said was “The God Who is there”.  It is, indeed one of the great, and extremely disastrous tendencies of man to seek to serve a god more like their own nature and tendencies that One that is revealed in the Word that He sent through the Prophets and Apostles.  
           We went through some 12 character qualities that the Bible puts forth the speak of what God is like:

  1. God is Light
  2. God is Love
  3. God is Invisible
  4. God is Unsearchable
  5. God is Inscrutable
  6. God is Eternal
  7. God is Immortal
  8. God is Omnipotent
  9. God is Omniscient
  10. God is Omnipresent
  11. God is Immutable
  12. God Alone Is Wise
          That brings us to another set of Character Qualities that we see the Bible describe as belonging to our Lord and Master. 

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