by Pastor Bill Farrow
20  Wisdom calls aloud outside;
She raises her voice in the open squares.
 (Proverbs 1:20 )
          One of the very interesting things is the Book of Proverbs is how Solomon takes the concept of wisdom and personifies it as a human being, either male or female depending on the particular concept involved.  Here, the “human” wisdom is said to be “calling aloud” and that calling is said to “outside”.  Obviously, this is something that people do, not some mental capacity.  In order to help us understand what is being said, Solomon, as he does often, uses a picture of a human being to clarify his point.  Here, the non-human capacity or quality of wisdom is portrayed as a “She”.  Actually, the word that is portrayed here, “wisdom” is not a common form of this word.  This one occurs but five times and is translated as it is here 4 of those times and as “every wise” the other single time.  It seems that implication of this particular word is the knowing all that is needed to be known.  It is saying that the one in consideration is one who knows everything.  Rather it speaks to the fact that, due to the pursuit of God and of Godly knowledge, the one in view knows all that is necessary to know in order to be what God desires one to be. 
Proverbs 1:20 - The Call of Wisdom
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