Proverbs 1:28
Pastor Bill Farrow
 “Then shall they call upon Me, but I will not answer; they shall seek Me early, but they shall not find Me.” - Proverbs 1:28.
          This verse is a part of a section that has been referred to as “The Call of Wisdom”.  We’ve mentioned before that the chapter can, for convenience sack, be thought of in three sections:
  • v1–7. To promote wisdom and godly living. Verse 7 strikes the theme of the entire book. Reverence toward God is the essential prelude to all wisdom and successful living.
  • v8–19. Home discipline is a moral safeguard against a life of crime.
  • v20–33. Wisdom personified as a prophetess and teacher. She shows the folly of those who reject moral instruction and discipline.
           Wisdom declares that when calamity falls upon the scoffers, they will call upon me, but I will not answer. Although the language is similar to texts such as 1 Sam. 8:18, we ought to note that actual prayer is probably not in view here. “Lady Wisdom” in this place (and remember that this is personification and NOT a reference to any gender in particular) is not God but simply a personification, it is describing a non-human thing/quality in human terms so as to make it more easy to perceive and/or understand on the part of the reader.  The meaning is that what Solomon has described as fools and scoffers, when disaster overtakes them, will frantically seek the wisdom to get out of trouble. This is a completely understandable and perceivable thing.  I don’t think that many will argue but it will be too late for them.          
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