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  •  Isaiah 65

           Of course, it is a somewhat silly thing to say that “one part or section of the Bible is “interesting” because it suggests that what you mean is that it is “more interesting than others.  Obviously, for believers and for those who believe the Bible to be the Word of the Living God, everything it contains, ought to be, at the very least, “interesting”.  I will say, however, that because we as the children of God, ought to be absorbed in learning as much as we can.  39 Books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New make for a very large selection of content from which to draw.  Though I can’t lay a primary emphasis on the Book of Isaiah, I do have to say that it has always been a fascinating place for a child of God to focus attention.  
          Here in Isaiah 65 we find some very interesting information about God’s opinion and what He wants His people (read OT “Israel”) to know about the state of their walking with Him over the past centuries.  
          In the first few verses we read a stern rebuke of the Lord going forth because of their rebellion in the face of open opportunity: 
          ·  An ignored seeking in verse 1, and
          ·  abundant divine revelation, 2,
          ·  which they scouted for idolatry, 3–4, and
          ·  the intrusion of self-righteousness, 5.
          ·  The warning and justification of coming punishment concerning the day of vengeance, 6–7.
               We’ll start with viewing the first few verses and looking at the content that Isaiah given us there…

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