Pastor Bill Farrow
“A tale-bearer reveals secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit conceals the matter.” - Proverbs 11:13.
          A Talebearer is one of the single most negative “characters” we see in the Bible; whether called by name or simple seen in practice.  The word used here is especially illustrative for us.  It is the Hebrew word “ra̅kȋl” (ray-kewl) and basically refers to one who slanders another, damaging his perception by those around them both.  The tales he bears, then, are ones that affect the way his standing is seen in the public’s eye or in the long term.  
           We should note, also, that the clear statement here is that is a very definite action on the one who “bears the tale”.  It is a chosen thing for the one in view.  This very clearly sets up the contrast that we have here:
  • Our “Tale-bearer” is seen to be a negative and even sinful one.
  • The one with the “faithful spirit”, discussed in a minute, is portrayed positively.
  • The implication of the one, the talebearer, is that we are NOT to be thus.
  • The implication of the other, the one of faithful spirit - discussed in a moment, is to be emulated by believers.
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